Frequently Asked Questions

Please take a little time to read through the questions and answers,

Q.  Do you tie bows and ribbons on the coach when you
     do weddings?

A.  Yes we can do, but we concentrate on moving passengers.

Q.  Are you able to provide more than just transport for weddings
     or special events?
A.  Yes please look at Curiously Different Events website (link at
     top) or contact our office with your requirements.

Q.  Do you have a breakdown/recovery plan in your operations?
A.  Yes, of course we do, we have a very reliable company that
     looks after our breakdown/recovery should the worst happen.

Q.  Are you able to cope with big parties being moved constantly?
A.  Yes this is our speciality.

Q. What should I do if I think i have left something on the coach?
A.  Please contact the office ASAP.

Q. Will you wait outside the venue and the coach be available     
    should we need it?
A.  Yes depending on the venue, please contact the office.

Q. Do you offer refreshments on the coach?
A.  Not as a general rule, please contact the office.

Q. what makes for the cheapest quote?
A.  Flexability on your part, please contact the office.
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